Blockchain Community: “Kerbala Coin” is a fraudulent project

Blockchain Community: “Kerbala Coin” is a fraudulent project


The Blockchain Association of Iran has published a statement in which it has warned against the advertisement of a project called “Kerbala Coin”. In the title of this statement, it is mentioned that “profiteers have targeted the religious beliefs of users this time.”

According to the announcement of this association, “Recently, a project called Karbala Coin is being widely advertised on Persian-language social media, targeting the religious community of Shiites by claiming to convert users’ money into an unknown cryptocurrency, which will bring them hundreds of thousands of dollars in income. »

Blockchain Association has stated in this statement that in the advertisements related to this project, things such as “the entry of the Muslim community into this currency” and “the use of a part of the income of this project to donate loans and job creation” are mentioned, which are only intended to abuse the beliefs. The religiousness of the users and their motivation to participate in this fraudulent project.


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