The Chinese smuggler was arrested with 420 SSD storage hidden on his back!

The Chinese smuggler was arrested with 420 SSD storage hidden on his back!


Chinese media recently reported a failed hardware smuggling attempt. Where the smuggler was trying to take a large number of SSDs from Macau to Zhuhai.

The shipment of 420 SSDs is said to be worth about $32,984, which translates to an average price of $78.53 each. This price tag shows that SSDs are of very high quality.

Previously, other reports have been published about the arrest of Chinese smugglers who tried to import hardware parts by gluing them into the country. But why do people still try to do this and break the law? The main reason for this is the low compensation imposed by the Chinese government, because by not paying the said fee, hardware products can be sold in the market with a very high profit margin.

In 2015, a man tried to smuggle 146 iPhones by tying them to his body, but he was arrested, and a few years later, another woman did the same thing.

written by TechSpotCPU smuggling is also very popular with this method. In 2021, when the world was facing a shortage of chips, two men tried to smuggle 256 Intel Core i7 10700 and Core i9 10900K processors worth $123,000. Some time later, another person wrapped 160 CPUs and 16 foldable phones into his body, and in March, another person did the same with 239 processors.

Of course, the working methods of all smugglers are not the same. In 2022, a woman placed more than 200 Intel processors in her fake stomach and pretended to be pregnant and tried to import these products into China. Another person tried to import 84 SSD storage memory into China this year by putting them in an electric scooter.


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