Asus ZenFone 10 smartphone renders leaked ahead of launch

Asus ZenFone 10 smartphone renders leaked ahead of launch


In terms of appearance, the ZenFone 10 is not much different from its predecessor, the ZenFone 9. Like its previous generation, this phone uses two large camera modules with a vertical arrangement and a fingerprint sensor on the side edge of the phone and a selfie camera in the upper corner of the display.

In this phone, unlike the previous generation, Asus has moved the ZenFone branding to the camera modules on the back of the phone, and has not included the name of its optical image stabilization technology on the back of the phone.

According to Notebookcheck, Asus has probably designed a new chassis for this phone. Unfortunately, the leaked renders don’t provide details on the size of the ZenFone10’s screen. For now, we can only speculate that this phone will use the new 9.5-inch or 3.6-inch screen like its predecessor.


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