Ford’s brave admission: America cannot compete with China in the electric car market

Bill Ford, one of the oldest people in the automobile industry and the executive chairman of the board of directors of Ford, has admitted in an interview with CNN that China has the upper hand in the field of electric car production compared to the United States. According to him, the United States cannot compete with China in the electric car industry at the moment.

According to Bill Ford, Chinese car manufacturers have developed and become bigger at a very fast pace. He says that when the competition comes from China, Ford must be at its best.

Bill Ford says: “They built the car very quickly and did the production process on a large scale and now they are exporting the car. They are not here now; But eventually they will come and we must be ready at that time; “We are preparing now.”

According to Reuters, China has managed to turn itself into a well-known country for veterans of the auto industry. Previous month, Jim FarleyThe CEO of Ford said that the Chinese are the company’s main competitor in the electric car market. He added that Ford will need a unique brand or a cheaper price to beat Chinese rivals.

In recent years, Chinese automakers have been producing exciting products for electric vehicle enthusiasts and fiercely competing with Tesla in the local market. Today, startups like NIO and Xpeng are launching very attractive all-electric cars. Even Elon Musk He has also admitted that the Tesla factory in China makes the highest quality cars.

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