The Android 14 update is likely to roll out to the Galaxy S23 in July

The Android 14 update is likely to roll out to the Galaxy S23 in July


Last week, Android 14 beta finally managed to achieve the stability required for smartphone use in tests. This is a major development in the development of Android 14 and it means that the development of this version of the Android operating system is almost over. With the completion of the Android 14 beta development process, Samsung can now develop a new version of its One Ui user interface according to this version of Android.

According to a report from the website Sammobile, the beta version of One Ui 6.0 will probably be released in the third week of July for the Galaxy S23 family. It is expected that the new version of this user interface will be released soon for all compatible Samsung phones. However, Samsung has not announced an exact timetable in this regard.

According to Android AuthoritySamsung has started preparations to release the One Ui 6.0 user interface since last month by updating its software to support this user interface.

In December, Samsung announced that it will release One UI 5.0 as soon as possible and will focus on speeding up the process of releasing newer versions in the future. Therefore, the Android 14 update and One Ui 6.0 are expected to be released in the near future.


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