Artificial intelligence will take half of the jobs from humans in 10 to 40 years

Artificial intelligence will take half of the jobs from humans in 10 to 40 years


The McKinsey Research Institute says in an analytical report that productive artificial intelligence will add $4.4 trillion to the value of the global economy annually. This is one of the most optimistic predictions made about productive artificial intelligence; An exciting technology that has experienced a lot of growth in recent months.

Generative artificial intelligence technology, which includes chatbots like ChatGPT, which has the ability to generate text and other content, increases work productivity. McKinsey believes that artificial intelligence will automate a significant part of the work to reduce the time taken from employees by 60-70%.

In its new 68-page report, McKinsey said that between 2030 and 2060, half of all jobs will be involved in automation. McKinsey has already predicted that artificial intelligence will automate half of the jobs between 2035 and 2075; However, the power of artificial intelligence tools made this company revise its predictions.

Based on the writing New York TimesMcKinsey Institute says that generative artificial intelligence has the potential to change the anatomy of work and increase the capabilities of employees by automating part of their work.

The McKinsey report comes at a time when the artificial intelligence fever appears to be somewhat over. According to statistics, the number of ChatGPT users has decreased for the first time, and Microsoft Bing has returned to the pre-GPT-4 era. Despite this, AI tools are still popular.

The tools in question, which in some cases have the ability to produce photos and videos, have been the subject of discussion for a long time. Many analysts believe that these tools have a negative effect on jobs and the economy.

Some experts have openly said that artificial intelligence is going to replace some humans; However, supporters of artificial intelligence say that services based on this technology are more helpful than threatening.

Last week, Goldman Sachs warned in a report that artificial intelligence could cause some workers to lose their jobs. The institute also said that artificial intelligence gives some companies a greater advantage than others.

A new McKinsey report points out the challenges that industry leaders and regulatory bodies must address. One of these concerns is that the content generated by artificial intelligence tools is sometimes misleading and inaccurate.


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