Tetherland Piggy Bank Introduced: Holding Assets for Rewards


“Teterland Piggy Bank” is a staking service that allows users to keep their cryptocurrency assets for a suggested time period and receive rewards after the end of this period.

In this service, users first choose their plan. Each cryptocurrency has a different reward and the user can choose which cryptocurrency to keep in the piggy bank. Then, the piggy bank offers different time frames to the user and the user can determine which time frame is suitable for him. Finally, after the asset staking time ends, the reward is directly deposited into the user’s Tetherland wallet.

This feature has been provided since 12 July 1402 and users can use it to stake their property. Users can from this address View the details of different designs and choose from them.

Tetherland had already unveiled another product called “Tetherland Classic” so that users can buy and sell tethers in an easier environment. With the aim of optimizing the user experience, “Teterland Classic” provides users with only basic services such as buying and selling Tether and depositing and withdrawing Tomans.

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