Datin came along with the cs50xtehran educational event

Datin came along with the cs50xtehran educational event


Cultivating specialized people according to the needs of the software industry has been a concern among companies active in this field for several years. Every software company with a specific strategy tries to strengthen the connection between the industry and the university and chooses methods that can establish a direct link between university graduates and the work environment. In the meantime, Datin has tried to fill this gap by setting up Datin School and prepare enthusiastic and talented people to enter the workplace by taking specialized and technical courses.

Now, Datin has come along with the cs50xtehran educational event to provide facilities such as specialized seminars, mentoring, and designing challenges and related issues in the hackathon, so that the students participating in this event can face the real issues of IT projects.

Hamed Hosseini-nejad, Datin’s human capital development manager, said: “Our goal for human capital development is to create and synergize the public flow to increase programming knowledge among the public. Based on the horizon of development of specialists in the banking, financial and insurance software space, Datin has already taken steps such as Datin School, holding bootcamps and supporting student and educational events, and now with the support of cs50xtehran, it is trying to increase its effectiveness in promoting programming knowledge in the society.

CSfifty is a course to teach the basics of computer science and familiarization with programming logic and alphabet, which was first presented in Harvard universities and is now held in Tehran. This course tries to show people the way to learn programming and familiarize them with basic concepts. This course corresponds to the Harvard course, which has hackathons, training courses and webinars on its way, and ends with an exhibition to introduce the projects.

The first session of cs50xtehran will be held on Friday, July 23, at the Research Institute of Science and Technology of Sharif University, and interested parties can refer to the website of this educational event for more information.


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