Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing Instagram

Meta AI, Meta’s generative artificial intelligence, has gained new capabilities, including the ability to create new AI images with Rails support. The feature, called Reimagine, allows users to create AI images with text requests and publish them to Rails.

Reimagine comes with the launch of Imagine with Meta AI, Meta’s online AI visualizer, a free web tool for creating high-resolution AI images in seconds.

To use Reimagine in a group chat, the user first generates an image by asking the Meta AI virtual assistant. Another member of the group can then hold on the image to add another text command, and Meta AI will generate an entirely new image based on the desired changes.

This feature can increase users’ interaction time with meta apps, as people are encouraged to use these attractive tools more.

Another addition is Meta AI support for rails in chat, which can be useful when you want to see photos related to your search. For example, if you’re planning a group trip with your friends, you can ask Meta AI to suggest the best places to visit and share rails about the location and its top attractions.

Meta says There are more than 20 new generative AI tools being tested on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, including those focused on search, advertising, business messaging and more.

To use Meta AI on Meta messaging platforms, you must first start a new message and select the “Create an AI chat” option. You can also access Meta AI by typing @MetaAI in a group chat or by saying Hey Meta while wearing the RayBan Meta Smart Glasses.

In addition, methods for creating and sharing images produced by artificial intelligence are also being tested on Facebook, for example, using Meta AI, images can be converted from horizontal to vertical and used in stories.

Artificial intelligence will be used to update important conversations in Facebook groups, suggest topics for group conversations, and help people learn more about products in stores or find related or alternative items. Also, Meta AI will be used to improve search for finding friends, pages, groups and stores.

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