After a long time, the hashtag was finally added to the trend

According to Adam Musseryhead of Instagram, the “tag” feature, which is called “hashtag” on other social platforms, Added to the thread.

The functionality of Threads tags is slightly different from the hashtags of platforms like Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), but the overall structure is similar. When writing a post in Threads, you can select the tag using the # character and then write the desired text.

In the Trades social network, you can convert a complete phrase including special characters such as an exclamation mark into a tag, and even if you leave a space between the words, the tag link will not be lost. The only limitation is that only one tag can be used per post.

Trendz tags serve the same purpose as hashtags in other social networks. Thanks to tags, you can find people who are interested in the topic you are discussing, says Adam Mussery.

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