Elon Musk’s Grok chatbot has arrived; But only for X subscription users

Elon Musk It says that the artificial intelligence startup xAI has started the release of the Grok chatbot for users of the Premium Plus subscription service on the social network X (formerly Twitter). Grok is a competitor to ChatGPT.

According to ReutersAt the moment, no new details have been announced about Graak. Last month, Elon Musk said that Grok will be available to X subscription users as soon as it exits the testing phase.

Many advertising companies have cut off their business relationship with X in recent weeks, so that the social network’s revenues have been severely affected.

Elon Musk is trying to reduce X’s dependence on advertising with a subscription service. Musk has said many times before that he will make X a “superapplication”; It means an application that provides all kinds of services at the same time.

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