Do you have an iPhone and are worried about being hacked? Enable Lockdown Mode

Last year, Apple introduced a new security feature called Lockdown Mode to improve the security of users. This feature minimizes the chance of successful cyber attacks by limiting some common features of iPhone, iPad tablet, Apple laptop and Apple Watch.

One of Apple’s senior engineers single crunch has announced that so far users have not reported any information about their device being hacked while Lockdown Mode is active.

With the activation of this security feature in the Apple phone, the performance of some programs and services will change; For example, incoming FaceTime calls from unknown contacts are filtered, most attachments and link previews are disabled in iMessage, and certain fonts are prevented from loading on websites.

The changes made can disrupt the user experience to some extent and, for example, can reduce the readability of some websites. To fix this problem, users can disable Lockdown Mode for some sites or apps.

In May, experts confirmed blocking a cyber attack by Lockdown Mode. The attack was carried out by Pegasus spyware developed by NSO Group.

In the cyber attack in question, the hackers used a zero-day vulnerability (a vulnerability that Apple was not aware of until the attack). Apple confirmed that the Lockdown Mode feature blocked the attack.

Bill Marczagsenior researcher at Citizen Lab, admits that Lockdown Mode has blocked a major security attack, and can be optimistic about that.

In September, Apple and Citizen Lab announced that another cyber attack was blocked by Lockdown Mode. That attack was also carried out by Predator malware.

Rona Sandvikdigital security expert, says, “Lockdown Mode is currently the best defense we have against Pegasus and Predator malware.”

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