Aquilus founder sees the future in the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset

Aquilus founder sees the future in the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset


Palmer Lucky One of the founders of Oculus has made interesting comments about Apple’s Vision Pro. In his recent interview, he spoke positively about the Cupertino tech giant’s $3,500 mixed reality headset and explained the impact of this product on the future of virtual reality.

Palmer Lucky Says the Vision Pro external battery pack is something he planned to add to the Aquiolsa products.

Lucky In another part of his explanation, he said: “Apple’s solution for using an external battery in Vision Pro is completely correct and I was one of the supporters of this plan in Aquilus, but unfortunately, the mentioned solution was not used in the company’s products, and as a result, all parts and batteries Aquilus virtual reality headsets were installed in the front part of these products.

written by 9to5macthe founder of Aquilus expressed concern that Apple might use an internal battery to make its virtual reality headset more beautiful, because in his opinion, using such a solution is not worth increasing the weight of the device.

in terms of LuckyApple has set the price of Vision Pro correctly because this device is of very high quality and can determine the fate of virtual reality technology. He said in another part of his speech: “I thought that Apple would enter the market of cheap virtual reality products and I considered this action a mistake, but the Cupertino company finally adopted the same approach that I hoped it would take; Just like the approach that Akiols had adopted in the early years of its activity.

However, Facebook acquired Aquilus and even changed its name to Meta to focus more on virtual reality platforms. in terms of LuckyApple’s current approach in this market will make the competition more attractive.


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