Pixel Fold from the point of view of technology media; One generation to be perfect!

The New York Times expert is a “hardware lover” of the Pixel Fold and plans to use the device for a few months to measure its performance over time.

The Verge experts have a similar view to the New York Times and consider the Pixel Fold to be a successful device overall, but clearly say that the Pixel Fold is “one generation away from becoming a perfect product.”

The Verge expert says that the Pixel Fold is a “more independent” device compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Instead of overwhelming you with new features, the Pixel Fold puts hedges around what you can and can’t do; Such as limiting the multitasking of the internal display to two applications.

According to the Verge expert, the Pixel Fold is a more suitable device than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for someone who has never had a foldable phone. Of course, he says, those looking to get the Pixel Fold, or any device priced close to $2,000, probably won’t have a problem with the complexity of the phone.

The Verge expert says that the Pixel Fold is not a catastrophic device at all; While such a statement cannot be made for the first generation of Samsung and Motorola foldable phones. Apparently, Google has been able to learn well from the mistakes of these two companies in the first generations.

Like other people who have reviewed the Pixel Fold, the expert of the Engjet site has praised the design of this phone. He mentioned the hinge and chassis of the Pixel Fold and considered them to be of high quality.

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