Send a message to yourself on WhatsApp

first stage: Run the WhatsApp program, then from the Chats page, tap on New Group in the upper right corner.

second stage: In this section, you must select one of the contacts to be added as a member of the group. You can coordinate with a family member or friend to add their account to the group; Of course, you delete that contact after creating the group, so don’t worry about it being personal.

third levelName the group whatever you want. You can save it as Saved Messages like Telegram.

The fourth stage: Now on the group chat page, click on the group name to enter the group settings section and click on the member added just to create the group and finish the process by selecting the Remove from Group option and by deleting that user, you will delete your personal group. Have to save your messages in it.

In this way, you can share all files at once with another user account in the future.

Send a message to yourself on WhatsApp from the link

In this method, which is somewhat old, you can send a message to yourself through the link of your user account.

In this way, open the conversation page with one of your audience and in the message field first type https/ and then type the phone number of your WhatsApp account without zero. For example, the link should be something like the following example:

Now post the message on that chat page and you will see the link get activated. Now click on the link to be taken to the personal chat page on WhatsApp and you can save your messages.

Also, if you have not saved your phone number in contacts, it is possible to add numbers to contacts by touching the Add option.


It is not possible to send messages to yourself in WhatsApp in the way that most users think is like Telegram’s Saved Messages; But with simple tricks like saving your number in contacts, you can create a similar feature for yourself and send messages to yourself on WhatsApp.

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