All SMS settings of Xiaomi phones

All SMS settings of Xiaomi phones


first stage: Enter the settings.

You can run the settings program and reach the phone SMS notification settings from the previous method or click on Apps in the settings section and then find the Messages program in the Manage Apps section and click on Notification and from that method to the settings Access notification messages.

second stage: Then click on the row of Incoming Messages to enter its settings page.

third level: On this page, click on the last row, On the Lock Screen, which is shown in the Farsi menu as “On the Lock Screen”.

third level: Now select from the three proposed options whether you want notifications to be displayed or not, and if the notification is displayed, the content of the message will also be displayed or the notification will be displayed without displaying the content on the screen in screen lock mode.

Xiaomi phone floating notification

Floating notification is a notification that the received message is displayed at the top of the screen, and you can send a message and a reply to the recipient by touching and dragging it down, without fully opening Pamrasan.

To activate the floating notification in the settings of the Xiaomi phone, you can turn on the Allow floating notifications option in the application notification settings section. You can enable or disable this feature individually for each app.

Mute the audience

To mute a contact, open the Messages app method and among the messages you have received from different contacts, touch and hold on the contact you want to mute until its menu opens, and from the available options, select “Mute Notifications” ” hit.

It is possible to mute the contact not only in the messages program, but also in almost all known messaging programs, and you can easily filter receiving notifications from certain contacts and not show any notifications when receiving messages from them.

Of course, sometimes the settings may be changed so that you do not receive any messages from a contact, to solve the problem of receiving SMS on Android phone, it is better to read its article.

Activating the dark mode of the Xiaomi Messages app


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