The next iPad Pro models will be equipped with OLED display and M3 chip

The next iPad Pro models will be equipped with OLED display and M3 chip


Apple is preparing to introduce two 11.1-inch and 13.1-inch iPad Pro with OLED display next year. Also, the Cupertinos plan to use the 3nm M3 chip to power these devices.

to report wwcftechAlthough Apple’s tablets have had a similar design for the past few years, the company plans to update the next-generation iPad Pro models. Hence, Apple’s next two iPad Pros will be slightly larger and will also be equipped with an OLED display. Now, the iPad Pro is available in 11- and 12.9-inch displays, with the larger version featuring a Mini LED display.

Apple’s Mini LED screen is the company’s most advanced display technology, which benefits from a high level of brightness and color accuracy; But Apple wants to use OLED displays for the next generation of these products. These screens show more vivid colors and deeper blacks and consume less energy. Reducing energy consumption will increase battery life in next year’s iPads.

Also, reports indicate that Apple plans to use the M3 chip with 3nm lithography for the beating heart of these two devices. The production of this chip has been started by TSMC for more than a year and it will probably be introduced by the second half of this year. It is possible that the price of Apple’s iPad will increase next year due to the use of an OLED panel.


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