Ayaneo introduced the slimmest handheld console equipped with AMD Phoenix processor

Ayaneo, which produces handheld PCs for gaming, now aims to claim the title of the slimmest and lightest handheld console equipped with AMD Phoenix processor with its new product. The new Ayaneo Air 1S has impressive technical specifications and its thickness and weight are 21.6 mm and 450 grams, respectively. In addition, the thickness of the ultra version of this product is only 18 mm and its weight is 405 grams, which of course will be released in a limited way. Although the new Ayaneo console looks slim and light, one of the biggest negatives about this product is its small 5.5-inch display.

Ayaneo launched the new Air 1S model project through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and also shared a product page and pre-sale section. Thus, many of the technical specifications as well as the price of the new consoles of this company are available.

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