Aftershock of separation of Panos Panay; Copilot artificial intelligence is coming to Windows 10

Aftershock of separation of Panos Panay;  Copilot artificial intelligence is coming to Windows 10

website Windows Central In an exclusive report, it says that Microsoft will soon introduce the artificial intelligence service Microsoft Copilot into the Windows 10 operating system. Like Windows 11, the CoPilot button goes directly into the taskbar of Windows 10, and by clicking on it, you will access a new sidebar.

The main reason for adding Kopilot to Windows 10 is the large share of this operating system in the market of desktop computers and Windows laptops. Windows 10 has about one billion monthly active devices, while the number of Windows 11 devices reaches 400 million.

From Microsoft’s point of view, one billion Windows 10 users can have a significant impact on Copilot’s growth. When Copilot is available to 1.4 billion users, developers will have more incentive to build plugins for the service.

Microsoft added Copilot AI to Windows 11 in the 23H2 update. This artificial intelligence service was previously included in a number of other Microsoft services, but its direct version in Windows can handle everything.

According to Windows Central, the features of CoPilot in Windows 10 will be almost the same as in Windows 11, and plugins made for CoPilot will work in both operating systems. The website also says that the new Windows administrators are very interested in adding new features to Windows 10 to keep users of that operating system up to date.

Apparently, Copilot is just one of the features coming from Windows 11 to Windows 10, and the Redmonds have bigger plans in mind. The change in Microsoft’s strategy is ultimately in favor of users who have not switched to Windows 11 for any reason and continue to use Microsoft’s multi-year operating system.

Adding Copilot to Windows 10 is a very important event; Especially considering that Panos Panay, the former leader of Windows, had a strong interest in Windows 11 and soon forgot about Windows 10. Of course, if Panay had stayed with Microsoft, Copilot would never have been added to Windows 10.

Microsoft has previously said that they will end support for Windows 10 in 2025. It is not clear whether this deadline will be extended or not.

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