Even Google Maps is equipped with artificial intelligence

Even Google Maps is equipped with artificial intelligence

Google Map is one of the best applications in the world and you can install and use it on your phone. Many of us are used to opening this app before leaving home to see the traffic situation on our way. Also, many people rely on this application to access information about different places.

Google now wants to add more features to Maps, and the next thing is likely to be a chatbot. according to report Android Authority In the newly released beta version of Google Maps, there are strings of codes that are related to a chatbot.

Specific information about the features that this chatbot brings to Google Maps is not available; But the analysts guess that this feature is related to the Local Guides section in Google Maps.

The Local Guides service relies on volunteer users to collect the data used in Google Maps. Information entered by users is still reviewed by a human, and a chatbot can help facilitate this flow.

Also, the chatbot in Google Maps can probably provide information about different points, and this can be useful for users in finding information about places.

Another possibility is that Google is building a chatbot for businesses. You can now chat with business owners through Google Maps. With a chatbot, you can answer the general and frequent questions of users without the need for human intervention.

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