The warning of the head of the home appliances sellers’ union; The liberalization of the import of household appliances should not be at the expense of the producer

In the opinion of many people, as buyers of these products, the announcement of the liberalization of the import of foreign household appliances on the condition that the appropriate tariffs are observed by the Minister of Peace is a positive event, since it is possible to re-establish access to foreign products.

Considering the fact that many activists of the home appliance industry were protesting against the continuation of the ban on the import of foreign home appliances and considered one of the most serious consequences to be the loss of competition in the market, the reduction of the variety of products and the low quality of these goods, the news of the possibility Freeing the import of foreign household appliances seems to be a good thing.

The suddenness of this decision, as well as the fact that its details and conditions are not clear, have caused concern among household appliance industry activists, including manufacturers and sellers.

Akbar Pazuki, head of the Home Appliances Sellers Union, in an interview with Zomit, stating that the liberalization should have conditions, asks: “Is it clear what kind of goods are going to be released and on what basis this liberalization is supposed to take place?” »

He believes that the government should measure all aspects of this issue inside the country, the state of production and the conditions of producers before making this decision. According to Pazuki, it is only in these circumstances that we can consider the liberalization of imports as a good decision:

Explaining why, in his opinion, such a decision cannot be effective without taking into account the mentioned conditions, he said: “The producer will be unhappy because he has invested but imports will be released all at once. Does the government know how much the manufacturer has invested in production in the last five years and what goods it produces? Today, our producers have 15,000 employees, the salary of these people is very expensive even if it is 10 million tomans.

According to the head of the Home Appliances Sellers Union, the government should find solutions to this issue and based on these solutions, liberalize imports on the condition of production and investment in the field of production.

Of course, Pazoki does not deny the importance of foreign products entering the country; Because the existence of such products creates a competitive advantage: “When you don’t have competitors in a field, you will always be the first in the field; But if other competitors enter the field, you also try to be better, you use more up-to-date tools and methods. We must be the same in production, we must have up-to-date science and tools. If these things are done along with the import, this is a great decision.”

The head of the household appliance sellers’ union believes that providing this opportunity, so that both production and the producer are paid attention to and export is considered, will have several positive effects:

The issue of export in the home appliance industry is of course a complex issue; Pazoki also believes that entering the field of export requires short-term, medium-term and long-term plans, and he tells Zomit: “The finished product must be of high quality and its price must be competitive with the products of other countries. The market of our neighboring countries is open to the whole world, and if we want to expand in this market, we must be prepared to produce the right product.

Pazuki believes that success in the home appliance industry depends on proper planning and considering the things he mentioned earlier and adds further:

“Based on these plans, something should happen to at least align with the countries that produce and export household appliances in the world. The home appliance industry of our country is 50, 60 years old, but the countries whose industry is 15 and 20 years old today export and are ahead of us.”

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