A mysterious company wants to revolutionize the processor market

A mysterious company wants to revolutionize the processor market

These days, in the world of processors, “Energy Efficiency” is the first word, and Apple has been able to attract a lot of attention by creating a unique balance between processing power and energy consumption of MacBook chips. Processor manufacturers of Windows laptops have also taken a similar path and soon the competition in the market will be much more exciting.

Efficient Computer startup in A press release It says it has managed to secure $16 million in funding to take its innovative plan to build the processor more seriously.

Chip companies are trying hard to extract more processing power from less energy. Efficient Computer, a mysterious startup, has taken energy efficiency to a whole new level.

Startup Efficient Computer takes energy efficiency to a whole new level

Startup Efficient Computer says it has developed a new and different architecture called Fabric. Fabric’s innovative approach produces a processor that performs at the same level as today’s processors; But it consumes much less energy.

More specifically, Efficient Computer claims that its architecture is up to 100 times more efficient than Von Neumann and up to 1,000 times more cost-effective than high-end graphics.

Efficient Computer says in a statement that it has succeeded in bringing the new Fabric architecture to a system-on-a-chip (SoC). The description of the Fabric architecture is very technical and requires specialized knowledge to understand; But the idea behind Fabric is to design a chip that will experience significant optimization in the area of ​​parallel processing.

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