Gas station software problem; An American gave $27,000 worth of free gas

Gas station software problem;  An American gave $27,000 worth of free gas

The fraudulent woman from Nebraska, who received tens of thousands of dollars in free gas about a year ago by exploiting a software error at a gas station, has been identified and arrested by the owners of that station.

According to a local network reportAfter discovering a vulnerability in the software of a gas station, a 45-year-old woman had taken gas without paying; For this reason, he has been convicted of theft.

After further investigations, the police forces realized that the update of the reward management system of the pumps, which was carried out in November 2022 (Aban and Azar 1401), was the main cause of this fraud.

Due to a bug in the gas station software, double swiping the reward card would put the device into demo mode and allow the person to fill the tank without paying for it. car slow down

When the person repeatedly used a rewards card to get free gas, station management was able to trace the card’s information and identify him.

Lincoln police told a local news station that the woman may have used her rewards card to get free gas more than 510 times between November 2022 and June 2023, amounting to more than 7,000 gallons (26,000 liters) and its value is estimated at more than 27,000 dollars.

Police identified another person who had used the woman’s card to get free gas, and found that he was looking to make money and sold gas to at least one other person, receiving a total of $500 in exchange for $700 in gas.

The second person told the police that the woman sold the card to another person on June 1, 2023 (12 June 1402), that is, immediately after she realized that the device’s software error had been fixed. The police could not contact the person who bought the card; Because it became clear that he died at the beginning of this year.

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