Will the position of the iPad Pro selfie camera finally change?

Will the position of the iPad Pro selfie camera finally change?

Apple’s tablet family is going to be upgraded soon and there are many rumors about their new generation. Apple is likely to use OLED technology in the iPad Pro display and release the iPad Air tablet with a completely new design.

Instant DigitalWeibo’s famous whistleblower has published new information that indicates that the upcoming iPad Air and iPad Pro will have a camera on the side of the display.

Currently, the front camera of the iPad Air and iPad Pro is located above the display. This placement of the camera during video calls in horizontal mode creates an off-center view for users, which is not interesting.

Apple took steps to solve this problem with the 10th generation iPad, and since then, Apple has not released a new iPad; But it seems that the company will bring this improvement to more models.

Leaked code in iOS version 17.4 points to a change in the location of the camera on the iPad Pro. The famous whistleblower, citing the same code, says that both 10.9 and 12.9-inch iPad Air models will also use this camera position.

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The current Apple Pencil attaches magnetically to the side of the iPad Pro and iPad Air for charging, potentially conflicting with the new camera placement. There are rumors about the release of the new Apple Pencil alongside the updated iPads, and maybe Apple has found a solution in the new model.

It is expected that the new generation of two models of the best tablets in the market will be introduced this month. If the leaks are accurate, they represent a fairly significant change to Apple’s tablets with a focus on improving performance. The price of the new tablets is not known yet.

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