A disappointing start to the relationship between Apple and Lionel Messi in the American Premier League

A disappointing start to the relationship between Apple and Lionel Messi in the American Premier League


Apple has acquired the global broadcasting rights for the 2022 Major League Soccer (MLS) games to broadcast the games and related events through the Apple TV+ streaming service. One of the important events of this MLS season, attendance Lionel Messi He is in the Inter Miami team.

Managers of the American Premier League organized a special ceremony to welcome Lionel Messi, which was broadcast on Apple TV Plus according to the contract. The historic moment of Messi’s entry into the American League drew many viewers from all over the world to Apple TV Plus; However, when the ceremony started, problems started with Apple’s streaming service.

Technical problems such as sound incoherence made watching Lionel Messi’s presentation ceremony not very interesting. A large number of users criticized Apple on social networks. Experts believe that Apple missed a big opportunity.

According to the magazine fortune, technical problems made the beginning of Apple’s revolutionary contract with the MLS league and Lionel Messi not so pleasant. The unprecedented contract between Apple and Messi is signed while the supervision of regulatory bodies on the financial issues of world sports has increased; Especially after the comprehensive entry of Saudi Arabia into the sports of golf, boxing and football.

Conflicting reports say Apple played a key role in bringing Messi to Inter Miami. Apparently, Messi is going to receive an annual salary between 50 and 60 million dollars. Messi will also pocket a portion of the revenue Apple earns from new subscription users during the MLS season. Apple plans to produce a four-part documentary focusing on Lionel Messi.

The contract signed by Apple with the American Football League is very unusual in its kind. The 10-year deal, worth $2.5 billion, gives Apple the rights to broadcast MLS matches worldwide. Sports broadcasts are usually negotiated regionally, not globally. Thanks to Messi’s presence in MLS, probably more users from all over the world will subscribe to Apple TV Plus to watch the games of this league.

Apple is not the only company that has signed an unusual and lucrative deal for Messi to play in MLS. Adidas, which is considered the official sponsor of Messi and MLS, has also signed another contract with the superstar of the world of football, and Messi is supposed to earn from this contract. The details of the contract in question are unknown.

In reaction to Messi’s presence at Inter Miami, the ticket price for this team’s matches has increased significantly. A ticket for a friendly match with the Mexican team Cruz Azul is sold for a maximum price of $110,000.


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