Tesla’s self-driving technology enters the cars of other companies

Tesla’s self-driving technology enters the cars of other companies


Elon Musk This morning, Iran time, in the latest financial conference, Tesla said that the big American car manufacturer is negotiating to sell the license to use FSD (or Full Self-Driving) technology to another big car manufacturer. Elon Musk did not name the other company, but said selling the FSD license has always been part of Tesla’s plan.

Elon Musk said in today’s morning meeting: “We are not trying to do this [=FSD] keep for ourselves. We are very happy to sell this technology to others.”

According to VergeThis is not the first time Elon Musk has talked about selling the FSD license to other automakers. Tesla wants to be as useful as possible to other car companies, he said on Twitter last month: “Tesla would also be happy to license Autopilot or FSD or other technologies.”

Most automakers’ driver assistance systems are limited to highway use, but Tesla allows its drivers to use FSD on local, signposted roads.

Tesla’s driver assistance system controls acceleration and deceleration and has the ability to turn right and left. Such systems usually struggle when turning left and right, but Tesla’s FSD performs well.

FSD can also detect traffic signs and other road signs. FSD is activated when the driver pays attention to the road to take control of the car when needed.

Tesla’s driver assistance system has been in the news many times. Some sources say that this system has been involved in 736 Tesla car accidents since 2019; Accidents that left 17 dead.

Tesla temporarily pulled FSD last year after America’s top federal agency said the driver-assistance system posed a “crash risk.” Shortly after the FSD issues were fixed, the system was made available again.

FSD isn’t the only Tesla technology making its way into other companies’ cars. Last year, the car manufacturer under the management of Elon Musk made its car charging system publicly available so that companies such as Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo can be charged with Tesla chargers.


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