The director of the movie Terminator is worried about the apocalypse of artificial intelligence

The director of the movie Terminator is worried about the apocalypse of artificial intelligence


Fears of the growing role of large language models and other artificial intelligence-generating tools in the media have become at the heart of the struggles and strikes of Hollywood actors and writers as the Writers Guild (WGA) and the Screen, Television and Radio Actors Guild of America (SAG-AFTRA) both seek to defend the rights of human artists in the face of an industry obsessed with the latest technologies. now James CameronThe famous director of the Terminator movie series has also expressed his concern about this.

Cameron In response to CTV News, he said, “I personally don’t think a disembodied mind can excite an audience just by retelling what other people have said, and you have to be human to write those kinds of stories. I don’t know anyone who would even think about writing a screenplay with artificial intelligence. “Let’s wait 20 years, and if AI wins the Oscar for Best Screenplay, then we’ll take said technology seriously.”

Cameron isn’t exactly in tune with current concerns about the use of artificial intelligence in Hollywood. SAG-AFTRA, on the other hand, says AMPTP pays its members in exchange for scans and a permanent archive of simulations to produce machine background actors. The famous Hollywood director went on to point out that there are much wider concerns such as an apocalyptic machine conflict.

Cameron “I think we’re going to get into a nuclear arms race with artificial intelligence, and if we don’t build it, somebody else will, and that’s going to escalate,” he says. “You can imagine artificial intelligence in a war scene, and in that situation, humans cannot compete with the speed of computers and prevent irreparable accidents.”

As Gizmodo He points out, we are not at the stage at the moment Cameron points out, but things like the use of artificial intelligence in armies have already started. The US Department of Defense is considering measures to create military data to use as part of what it calls a digital arms race.

Cameron He says: “I warned you in 1984 and you did not listen. However, I hope to protect actors, writers, directors, and other creative people from AI-generated alternatives.”


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