A cloud as big as Iran, Iran is your host under the cloudy sky!

A cloud as big as Iran, Iran is your host under the cloudy sky!

Host Iran, the leader in providing web hosting services, has proudly started a cloud campaign throughout Iran with the aim of providing diverse and high-quality cloud services to Iranian users. This campaign is a gateway to the limitless world of cloud services that allows you to take your website or business to a new level using the latest technologies.

There are four separate sections in this campaign with special discounts for users:

  • Cloud house (shared hosting): a safe and reliable space to host your website
  • Cloud nameplate (domain): choosing a unique and memorable name for your website
  • Cloud VPS: More power and flexibility for high traffic websites
  • Iran’s new hosting services: dedicated cloud server, cloud storage and security services

In addition to the variety and quality of services, Iran Host has always tried to satisfy its customers by providing strong support and affordable prices. Iran-wide cloud is a great opportunity for you to benefit from Iran’s diverse and high-quality cloud services with special discounts. For more information and to take advantage of this opportunity, to the page Iran’s festivals See.

What are the things in the cloud campaign to the extent of Iran?

In this campaign, for a limited time, you can buy some Iranian hosting services with an exceptional discount. Also, in this campaign, Iran’s new hosting services, which have been provided for the first time, have been introduced and made available to users.

1. Cloud house (shared hosting):

As the name suggests, Cloud House offers a secure and reliable space to host your website. This section includes shared hosts with variety and different features that meet the needs of a wide range of users. In this campaign, users can get up to 40% discount for purchasing shared hosting.

2. Cloud plate (domain):

Choosing the right domain is the first step to be present in the online world. By offering a wide variety of domains with different extensions, Cloud Plate helps you choose a unique and memorable name for your website. In this campaign, users can benefit from special discounts for registering their domain.

3. Cloud VPS:

A virtual server (VPS) offers more power and flexibility than shared hosting. Iran’s cloud hosting VPS offers you facilities such as dedicated resources, SSH access and a powerful control panel using the latest technologies.

Iran’s new hosting services:

In addition to the mentioned items, Iran Host also offers its new services at a discount in this campaign. New services include

  • Anycast host and server

Welcome to the world of speed with AnyCast cloud server!

Imagine you are looking for information on the web. Suddenly, you’re faced with a page that loads slowly. Your patience runs out and you go to another website. This happens to many users and it can be detrimental to your website. but do not worry! There is a solution called AnyCast cloud server that helps you to increase the access speed of your website dramatically.

AnyCast is a network technology that provides users with your information from the nearest server using a fixed IP. In this way, users no longer need to wait for data to be loaded from remote servers.

Advantages of using AnyCast cloud server:

  • High speed: With AnyCast, users connect to the nearest server and access your information faster.
  • High reliability: AnyCast uses multiple servers to deliver information. If a problem occurs in one server, other servers will automatically replace it.
  • Cost-effective: AnyCast allows you to reduce costs by using resources more efficiently.

If you are looking for a way to increase the speed and reliability of your website, AnyCast cloud server is the best choice for you.

Give speed and quality to your programs with Framework!

Looking for a way to increase the speed and quality of your programs? I introduce the Framework to you! This service helps you to develop your programs faster and more qualitatively than ever by providing powerful features of different frameworks.

But what does the Framework have in store?

In addition to all the attractive features of frameworks, Framework 3 also offers you a special feature that every programmer dreams of:

  • Redis: It helps you to dramatically increase the speed of data storage and retrieval.
  • Memcached: It provides you with a high-speed cache for data storage.
  • PostgreSQL: A powerful and reliable database to store your program information
  • Iran Host helps you to benefit from all the benefits of this amazing service by providing high-quality and affordable Framework service. For more information and free advice, visit Iran’s hosting websites.
  • MX Backup and MX Forward service

Say goodbye to email hassles! Get to know MX Backup and MX Forward

Don’t worry about not receiving corporate emails anymore! MX Backup and MX Forward are here to transform your email receiving and managing experience.

What do MX Backup and MX Forward do?

  • They receive your emails with incredible speed and transfer them to your mail server.
  • They protect your emails from hacking and spam.
  • It provides an isolated and secure platform to receive emails instantly.

Advantages of MX Backup and MX Forward:

  • Storing emails on any platform: no longer worry about your emails being hacked or lost.
  • Compatibility with any mail server: No matter what mail server you use, MX Backup and MX Forward are compatible with it.
  • Easy management: You can easily manage your emails using MX Backup and MX Forward’s simple user interface.

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