Do you have an old computer? Install this new operating system instead of Windows 11

With Microsoft ending support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025, millions of older PCs unable to upgrade to Windows 11 face an uncertain future, raising concerns about increased e-waste and security vulnerabilities. has done. Meanwhile, Google has taken the opportunity to introduce ChromeOS Flex as a potential solution.

Chrome OS Flex is a customized version of Chrome OS that can give new life to old computers and protect organizations and ordinary users from the security vulnerabilities of outdated versions of Windows.

As Google It says in the description of Chrome OS FlexThis operating system has several advantages over traditional operating systems; First, security comes first with data encryption, automatic updates, and application isolation to protect against threats. This lightweight operating system is also resistant to ransomware.

Ease of use is another outstanding feature of Flex; Anyone familiar with the Chrome browser or Google Workspace will find Flex user-friendly. Google’s operating system boots quickly and does not have the usual slowness of Windows; In addition, you can easily control Flex-based computers remotely through the Google Management Console.

Flex supports web services of various business applications. Local Windows software and applications such as Microsoft Office can also be run through the Internet and the Virtual App Delivery service. Google claims that Flex is now compatible with more than 600 devices from different OEMs.

In addition to security and ease of use benefits, Flex reduces hardware and software support costs. By installing on old systems, Flex lowers their energy consumption and prevents them from becoming electronic waste.

It is important to know that after 12 years since its introduction, Chrome OS is still far below Windows with a market share of only 1.78%; That said, it’s still unclear whether widespread adoption of Flex is possible.

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