Big Rumor Confirmed: Xbox Exclusive Games Coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch

Big Rumor Confirmed: Xbox Exclusive Games Coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch

Microsoft in A new statement Officially announced that it plans to release some exclusive Xbox games for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Releasing exclusive games for competing platforms is part of a major shift in Microsoft’s strategy for the gaming industry to generate more revenue and not limit its games to Xbox only.

Phil Spencer“We’ve made the decision to bring four games to other consoles,” said CEO of Microsoft’s gaming business. Surprisingly, the names of these four games are not mentioned.

Informative sources say that the first two games to be released for the PlayStation console and Nintendo game console are Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment, followed by Sea of ​​Thieves and Grounded.

Spencer says there hasn’t been a change in Xbox’s approach to exclusive games; But at the same time, he predicts that the number of console exclusive games will decrease in the next decade.

Microsoft currently has four games to test the conditions experimentally; But rumors say that this company’s ideas regarding multi-platform games are much deeper than these words. Some whistleblowers have even mentioned the name of the big game Starfield.

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Phil Spencer says that Starfield and Indiana Jones are not among the top four games, but he did not rule out the release of these games for PlayStation 5: “I think as an industry we should never consider it impossible to release a game for other platforms.”

Not all Xbox games are going to enter the Sony and Nintendo ecosystem at once, but we will probably see the release of a large number of games for competing platforms over time. Phil Spencer says the reason Xbox games are released for PlayStation and Nintendo is to ensure the long-term success of Xbox and the entire gaming industry.

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