10% growth in Mac sales at the same time as sales of prominent brands of personal computers decline

According to new reports, Apple’s Mac sales in the second quarter of this year have grown by more than 10% compared to the same period of 2022. All of the major PC brands have experienced declining sales over the same period.

According to IDC, the PC market as a whole has been in decline for 6 consecutive quarters:

The continued decline in demand for PCs has left many suppliers with unsold inventory in their warehouses.

Jitesh Oberani“Inventories and other components have slowed growth in the PC market, and while these problems are fading, many component suppliers continue to offer discount prices to sell their current inventory,” says IDC Research Director.

written by 9to5MacThe sales growth of Apple Macs largely reflects the limited supply of these products last year. The tech giant from Cupertino is doing very well when comparing Mac sales year-over-year; Because in the second quarter of 2022, due to the closures related to the outbreak of Covid in the supply chain, it faced supply problems.

The flood of mass layoffs of many technology companies has also reduced the demand for personal computers in the business sector; While the behavior of normal consumers is gradually returning to the era before the corona epidemic.

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