The arms race of artificial intelligence and the rush of world powers to use warrior robots


As artificial intelligence advances in medical and pharmaceutical technologies to treat disease, scientists warn that something as simple as a zero-to-one change in a computer could create chemical weapons by running thousands of simulations that lead to the production of toxic compounds.

the doctor Sean Akinsthe CEO of Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, in the documentary Sweet tells the story of how the Swiss artificial intelligence watchdog gave him a mission in 2021 to test the possibility of designing a biological weapon.

Akins in an interview with NYPost He announced: “We are building different machine learning models to investigate the possibility of toxic molecules. We literally flipped a switch on one of the models and overnight it produced chemical weapons molecules. Interestingly, a small company did such a thing with a 2015 Mac desktop model.

Among the AI-generated models were compounds similar to VX, one of the world’s deadliest known nerve agents.

Dr. Ekins added: “We used reproductive technologies to do this, which of course were very primitive in 2021. Now it’s almost two years since then and I think what we did is very little compared to what is possible today.”

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