The Apple Vision Pro will have custom RAM with very little latency

The Apple Vision Pro will have custom RAM with very little latency


news agency Korea Herald In an exclusive report, quoting informed sources, it is written that the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is equipped with a new type of DRAM that is customized to support the proprietary R1 chip.

The Apple Vision Pro headset uses two separate chips. The main processor of this headset is M2, which is responsible for processing the contents and the visionOS operating system and implementing computer vision algorithms and graphic processing.

The R1 processor also processes all the information collected by 12 cameras, 5 sensors and 6 microphones. This processor transfers images to the displays inside the Vision Pro in just 12 milliseconds (eight times faster than blinking). R1 allows the user to see the outside world image with almost no lag.

To meet the R1’s requirements, Vision Pro uses a 1-gigabit ultra-low-latency DRAM chip made by the Korean company, sources said. SK Hynix has produced This chip has more input and output pins to minimize latency.

Apple Vision Pro’s DRAM chip is rumored to use a unique packaging technology called Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging to join the R1 chip as an integrated unit. This connection doubles the processing speed.


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