Zomit’s report from the Tesco booth in Alcamp; We have more than 10 million customers in Iran! [تماشا کنید]

During the 26th Elcomp exhibition, we went to the Tesco booth, one of the most well-known brands in the Iranian market. At the Tesco booth, we saw a keyboard that, according to this company, is also sold by the well-known Razer company; But at a much higher price.

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Tesco makes various gaming products and has special fans in the Iranian market. As expected, we also saw the gaming section at ElComp’s booth. We also asked people’s opinion about the Tesco brand.

Some people believed that Tesco products are worth buying considering the price. General users are busy using Tesco accessories such as keyboards and mice, but this brand also has other products such as computer cases.

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