The Pixel Fold did not arrive and had a problem

The Pixel Fold did not arrive and had a problem


At first, the bottom 10 pixels of the display burned and created a white line with 100% brightness in that area. The expert claimed that the entire left side of the foldable display failed, and an hour later a white halo moved up from the bottom of the display.

The expert who observed the Pixel Fold problem says that there is a small gap between the main screen protector and the surrounding edges, and dust may have entered from that area. According to the expert, after closing the Pixel Fold, the screen was punctured by a foreign particle.

It wasn’t long before other Pixel Fold owners reported similar problems on social media. A user said that he noticed a dent in the same area of ​​the screen, but he has not faced any problem at the moment. Another user claimed that his phone’s screen protector was ripped off. A third user said a bright pink line appeared several times on his phone’s screen.

In response to the Pixel Fold problems, Google has advised all users to contact the company’s support department.


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