X has unveiled Premium and Basic subscription plans

X has unveiled Premium and Basic subscription plans

X (formerly Twitter) has unveiled a new subscription plan called Premium Plus, which includes a series of benefits, including the removal of ads on the For You and Following page. X says that the replays of Premium Plus users will be displayed with a higher priority than other users.

According to The official page of the Premium Plus X planThis subscription service allows access to a complete set of tools for content creation. Premium Plus has more benefits than X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) and more pocket money Elon Musk Deposits

X Premium includes the blue tick, the ability to edit tweets, the ability to publish longer posts, the ability to upload longer videos and send encrypted messages. Premium Plus also has the same capabilities.

X Plus Premium Plus has introduced another subscription plan called Basic, which costs three dollars per month. By preparing this plan, you will not receive a blue tick and you will not have access to advanced content creation tools; Also, the Basic plan does not reduce ads.

The priority of displaying replays in X is now in the following order: Premium Plus users, Premium users, Basic users and regular users.

Both of the new X subscription plans are available now through the web version. The standard premium plan costs eight dollars a month, but if you use a phone, you have to pay $11 a month. Probably, the price of the Premium Plus plan will also be higher in the phone.

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