With this method, increase the life of your laptop battery

With this method, increase the life of your laptop battery

With the internal circuit in lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, the battery charging process stops after the battery is fully charged, and the electrical energy is transferred directly to the laptop’s power supply. The story doesn’t end there, because by constantly connecting the laptop to the electricity, the life of the laptop battery decreases due to the reduction in the number of charging cycles. Hence, it is recommended that you never leave your laptop plugged in continuously.

By removing the laptop battery from the circuit, the battery is no longer in the process of charging and discharging and its life cycles are not reduced. In fact, this method can keep the laptop battery healthy for a long time.

How to remove the laptop battery from the circuit?

You can disconnect the battery by using Windows settings or using software on some laptops. In the first method, you must first click on “Control Panel” and then click on the Device Manager option. Next, go to the Batteries section and set the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery option to Disable.

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