What is the reason for the sudden shutdown of the hair dryer + the solution to the problem

If you’re still having the problem, there are parts of the hair dryer that are most likely causing it to shut off automatically:

If the hair dryer is unplugged and won’t turn on or works intermittently, the problem may be with the power cord. If you see that the wire is damaged, such as cut or melted, be sure that the internal connections are also damaged. Depending on the fault, you need to open the wire and insert it into its terminal or replace the power wire.

Attention: When storing the hair dryer cord, be careful not to wrap the hair dryer cord too tightly around the device, especially if it is hot, as this may damage the connectors and eventually lead to bad contact and failure!

Failure of the on and off button of the hair dryer

If your hair dryer turns off by itself and does not turn on again, the problem could also be a malfunction of the on/off button. Do a continuity test to confirm this. The multimeter should beep or display a value close to 0 when running and no beep 1 or OL when stopped. If the multimeter does not display anything or does not beep in the on position, the button needs to be replaced.

If your hair dryer cuts out and won’t turn on during use due to overheating, the thermal fuse is probably blown. A thermal fuse is an electrical safety device that cuts off the electric current when it is heated to a certain temperature. Test the continuity of the fuse using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, it must be replaced.

Hair dryer motor failure

If the hair dryer does not turn on or is on; But suddenly it stops working and there is no sound from its engine, there is a possibility of its failure. Therefore, the voltage of its terminals should be measured using a multimeter. If the voltage was low or there was no voltage at all, it indicates the failure of the motor.

How to repair the hair dryer?

When your hair dryer breaks, the solution to the problem will be different depending on the cause. Therefore, we recommend that you continue with the troubleshooting guide so that you can identify and solve the problem.

Pay attention to the amount of hair dryer

If you find that your hair dryer has turned off automatically due to overheating, you should first check how much the hair dryer is being used.

Avoid excessive use of hair dryer at high temperature. Although the hair dryer is made to withstand high temperatures; But if it is used for a long time (more than 20 minutes) at a very high temperature, the components may overheat with excessive pressure, especially if the hair dryer is old.

Important advice: If you use the hair dryer for more than 20 minutes, remember to activate the cold air button from time to time to prevent the parts from overheating and turning off the device.

Avoid blocking the air inlet and outlet. The air vents of the hair dryer should always be unobstructed to prevent the device from overheating.

Clean and dust the ventilation mesh regularly. This net is often located at the back of the hair dryer and in some models it is located on the sides or at the bottom of the handle.

After turning off the hair dryer, wait 10 to 20 minutes for its temperature to decrease. Then use it again.

If the problem does not repeat itself, it is certainly a temporary problem; But if the hair dryer shuts off again or doesn’t turn on after 10 minutes of waiting, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

Filter cleaning

In most cases, when the hair dryer cuts itself off, the problem is a clogged filter. This filter prevents particles in the air (dust, dirt, animal hair, etc.) from entering the engine part.

When the filter becomes too dirty, the flow of incoming air is reduced and particles penetrate into the hair dryer, eventually causing pressure on the device and overheating and automatic shutdown of the hair dryer.

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