With the help of SMIC, Huawei produces the 7nm 5G chips required for its phones

With the help of SMIC, Huawei produces the 7nm 5G chips required for its phones


The US sanctions against Huawei caused the Chinese company to face many challenges in providing the 5G chips needed to manufacture its smartphones. However, according to recent rumors, it seems that Huawei plans to use the services of the Chinese company SMIC, which is active in the field of chip production, to overcome the challenges faced after the sanctions of the United States.

SMIC is a reliable and specialized company in the field of chip production. With the services of this company, Huawei can make 5G chips for its smartphones and thus deal with a significant part of the effects of the US sanctions. Due to SMIC’s advanced hardware and technical capabilities, this decision will help Huawei to build 5G smartphones by providing the required system-on-chips.

written by TomsHardwareHuawei will likely use a modified version of the 7nm N+1 SMIC process to make the 5G chips it needs.

Huawei’s current flagship phone, P60 Pro, is equipped with Qualcomm chips and Harmony operating system. Using SMIC technology, the Chinese tech giant will likely be able to mass-produce cheaper phones and gain more market share by increasing sales of these products. According to recent reports, the company expects its smartphone sales to increase from 30 million units to 40 million units in 2023.

Earlier this year, Huawei announced that it has developed its own electronic design automation (EDA) software for manufacturing chips based on advanced processes, which shows the significant progress of China’s EDA industry.

However, using SMIC services can help Huawei to achieve more independence in chip production and become self-sufficient in making 5G chips by using Chinese technologies; Thus, the dependence of this brand on foreign technologies and equipment will be greatly reduced.

Currently, Huawei cannot access the advanced processes of companies such as Samsung Foundry and TSMC, and has long since entered into cooperation with SMIC to produce its HiSilicon system-on-chips with the company’s advanced processes.

Of course, we must mention that this article was written based on various rumors and reports, and Huawei or SMIC have not yet officially confirmed the production of 5G chips.


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