With 49 million views, ChatGPT became the most popular Wikipedia page in 2023

OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot, which made a lot of noise after its introduction, is also very popular on Wikipedia. With more than 49 million hits in the English version of this online encyclopedia, ChatGPT topped the most visited Wikipedia pages this year.

Wikimedia Foundation a report It published one of the most visited articles on Wikipedia and announced the top 25 articles on Wikipedia in 2023. The list currently includes data up to November 28, but the organization has announced that it will release an updated version of the report with complete data for 2023 in January 2024.

The appearance of the English version of Wikipedia was redesigned earlier this year, and in total the site received more than 84 billion hits.

ChatGPT, which recently celebrated its one-year birthday, has had more than 78 million page views across all Wikipedia languages. Wikimedia says that the number of visits to the English version of the ChatGPT page in the first half of the year averaged between 100,000 and 400,000 times a day.

After ChatGPT, the topic “Death in 2023” is the second most visited topic on Wikipedia, with more than 42 million hits. In the continuation of this listMatthew PerryHe is a famous American-Canadian actor who passed away on October 28 this year (November 6).

ChatGPT also features famous faces like Elon Musk, Lionel Messi And Taylor Swift has exceeded.

Millions of users have visited this online encyclopedia to read about cricket. Other Wikipedia pages such as Cricket World Cup 2023, Indian Premier League and Cricket World Cup are among the 25 most visited titles of this encyclopedia.

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