Google started the new era of artificial intelligence with the unveiling of Gemini

After many rumors, Google finally unveiled its biggest language model named Gemini. This model is so important for Google that Sundar Pichai, the CEO, considers it the beginning of a new era of artificial intelligence in this company. According to Pichai, from now on we are witnessing the “Jumnai era”.

Jamnai’s large language model was first mentioned at Google’s I/O 2023 event and is now publicly available. Google says Jumnai is a big leap forward for the company and will eventually affect all services offered by the American technology giant.

Jumnai is not presented in just one version. Google has introduced a lighter version of this great language model called Gemini Nano, which will run natively and offline on Android devices. A more powerful model called Gemini Pro will soon enter many of Google’s AI services. The Google Bard chatbot is now equipped with the Gemini Pro language model.

Google has introduced a more advanced version of Gemnai artificial intelligence called Gemini Ultra, which is considered the most powerful big language model of this company and is apparently developed for data centers and enterprise processing.

Google currently plans to use Jumnai’s artificial intelligence in several ways. Bard chatbot is equipped with Gemini Pro and Pixel 8 Pro users get a series of new features based on artificial intelligence thanks to Gemini Nano. The Gemini Ultra language model will arrive in 2024.

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