Why do horses sleep standing up? – Zoomit

Why do horses sleep standing up?  – Zoomit


But while horses should sleep mostly standing up, they need to lie down for restorative sleep. Sarah Matlock“Horses sleep in a standing position most of the time, but they don’t get REM sleep while standing,” a senior equine behaviorist at Colorado State University told LiveScience.

During rapid eye movement (REM) sleep in humans, when a sleeping person’s eyes move rapidly under closed eyelids, dreaming can occur. During this stage of sleep, the muscles are temporarily paralyzed so that we do not act in response to the dreams we see.

During REM sleep, the brain also processes and consolidates new information in the form of long-term memories. People who don’t get enough REM sleep may have trouble concentrating and regulating mood, a weakened immune system, and less cell growth.


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