Buying melted gold from the gold market is a safe way to invest

Buying melted gold from the gold market is a safe way to invest


2. Purchase with official license and valid invoice

You can make your purchase with full confidence on the Tala Bazaar jewelry site. The gold market site has an official license to sell molten gold from the Union and also an electronic trust symbol from the Ministry of Security. You can also after buy gold Receive your official invoice as well.

3. Gold storage at the gold market site

Your gold capital is safe with the gold market. Note that for amounts above 40 grams, you can get melted gold with the stigma code from the gold market website. You can also keep the purchased gold with us to easily carry out your buying and selling transactions.

The advantage of buying melted gold compared to buying new and second-hand gold

As you know, when buying new gold, you have to pay a percentage as a wage and also a percentage as a seller’s profit. Also, 9% value added tax is calculated on profits and wages. In buying second-hand gold, you do not pay a percentage as a wage, but the seller’s profit and tax are also calculated in this case. but in Buying melted gold You only pay a small amount as profit to the seller and you do not pay any percentage of wages or VAT.

Now let’s talk about why the best way to save in Iran is to buy gold?

Benefits of saving gold

1. No need for financial knowledge

Any type of investment requires sufficient knowledge and experience in that field. For example, when buying a property, you should have a lot of information about the specifications and also the area where the property is located. But if you intend to buy gold for investment, just go to the melting gold buying and selling section and do your gold transactions at certain hours.

2. Buying and selling gold is very easy

Today, despite the fluctuations of prices and the complexity of transactions, converting non-cash assets such as property, cars, currency and other items into cash is a very difficult task that may take several days or even months. But if your capital is gold, you can easily convert your gold capital into cash through the gold market site and based on the daily price of gold.

3. Unlike other investments, gold does not disappear

If your capital is a property, car or anything else, after a while it will lose value due to depreciation. This does not apply to gold. Because gold keeps its value forever and its value may increase day by day. For this reason, in popular terms, everything with value and durability is called gold.

4. Easy transfer to the next generation

Gold is always considered as a valuable gift. This valuable gift can be passed from one generation to another and will never be lost and its value will be preserved. But today, due to the increase in the price of gold, buying it is associated with many difficulties. The gold market site has solved these problems. You can convert your capital into gold with the smallest amount.

On the gold market site, it is possible for all people to purchase melted gold from all over Iran and even in the most remote villages with the lowest amount. In other words, the conditions of buying gold for the residents of small villages are no different from the residents of large and densely populated cities.


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