When will Android 15 be officially released?

Today, the first preview of Android 15 was officially released to developers, and it is supposed to increase the compatibility between the hardware and software of Android phones. In addition to the aforementioned, Google published the release schedule of its latest operating system.

According to Google’s statementAndroid 15 will reach relative stability in July and August 2024 (July to September 1403) and will be released publicly shortly after that. As usual, the first recipients of the new operating system will be Google phones.

Android 15 release timeline with relative stability date

Currently, only users of Pixel 8, Pixel 7, Pixel 6, Pixel Fold and Pixel tablets have access to the Android 15 preview, and those who do not have the mentioned devices and want to experience this operating system, must go to different methods.

Android 15 release time for Samsung and Xiaomi phones

As soon as other Android companies get access to Android 15, they will start optimizing the said operating system for their devices through their beta program.

Considering the public release of Android 15 in late summer or early fall, we expect all types of Samsung phones, Xiaomi phones, OnePlus phones, Asus phones, Oppo phones, Notting phones and Sony phones to be updated to the new operating system from the fall of 1403.

Samsung usually jumps in before other companies. Therefore, a number of Samsung phones will undoubtedly receive Android 15 in the fall of 1403. Xiaomi is somewhat late and the release of Android 15 for the company’s devices will definitely be delayed until 1404.

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The new features of Android 15 include optimization of notifications, increased security, improved charging and focus on the health platform. Mountainview’s new operating system aims to draw customers who are thinking of buying a phone to Android phones.

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