Guide to buying the best Harman Kardon speakers

Guide to buying the best Harman Kardon speakers

The Harman Kardon Citation 200 speaker definitely takes its place in the list of the best Harman Kardon speakers; Because support for voice commands is included in this elegant and beautiful product. The fabric body makes it look suitable for use at home among other household appliances.

According to Harman Karden, this speaker wool fabric is resistant to dust absorption and flame retardant, and thanks to its special coating, it is not difficult to clean. Also, its integrated design is IPX4 certified and resistant to water splashes.

The Citation 200 speaker has a 25 mm tweeter and a 120 mm woofer, which provides high-quality sound volume and optimal clarity. These drivers are accompanied by two internal microphones to help the user to create a conversation and use the most useful voice commands to easily call the default Google Assistant of the speaker.

There is a USB-C port on the Citation 200 speaker, and in addition to the possibility of using it in the mode of direct connection to city electricity, with the presence of a battery, you can count on its portability. The competitive advantage of this speaker is the possibility of connecting between the devices on the Wi-Fi bed, which allows the user to control and manage several speakers at home at the same time.


The best Harman Kardon speaker can be prepared based on your criteria and budget, guaranteeing sound quality and clarity. Note that these speakers are mostly used for listening and enjoying music; because they work better than JBL brand Partybox speakers in terms of sound separation and clarity; Therefore, if volume is a priority for you, it is better to go for different models of party box according to the price of JBL speaker.

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