When the pixel tells a scary story for the iPhone! [تماشا کنید]

When the pixel tells a scary story for the iPhone! [تماشا کنید]

Google recently #BestPhoneForever advertising campaign has launched to highlight the best features of its phones; In this series of videos, which usually show the adventures of a Google phone and an iPhone, the search engine giant mocks the creation of Cupertinos. Now that some time has passed since the introduction of the latest Apple flagship, it is the turn of the iPhone 15 to play the role of the iPhone 15 in one of these clips.

The new video, which has a scary feel, comes a few days before Halloween Account X of the American branch of Google It has been published. In this video, we see the Pixel 7 Pro telling a scary story for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. In the middle of the video, iPhone interrupts Pixel and says that he is not afraid of a phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard, but of the future; The future in which the introduction of the Pixel 8 series takes place.

In the following, iPhone mentions the reasons for its fear; He explains that even though it was introduced recently, he fears that people will show more favor to the Pixel. Here’s a video where Google teases the iPhone a few times; The iPhone continues to introduce its action button as a modified version of the Mute slider. The iPhone also complains why its only other “innovations” have to go to the island more dynamic (Dynamic-er Island) and type C port.

Of course, Pixel is kinder than these words and tries to calm his long-time rival by pointing out that no unveiling of their friendship is more important. In the final sequences of the video, we see that the iPhone is not so brave and falls down from the tree trunk it is sitting on when it is confronted by the jungle keyboard monster.

Google will unveil the Pixel 8 series next Wednesday. In addition, we expect the Pixel Watch 2 and Android 14 to be present at the Google event. Don’t forget that Zoomit will cover this ceremony moment by moment.

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