Oppo draws the line with AndesGPT artificial intelligence model for ChatGPT

The progress of Chinese companies in the field of artificial intelligence is impressive; Baidu has recently introduced its medical artificial intelligence model at the industrial level, and ChatGPT’s competitor called Ernie has attracted a lot of attention.

Oppo, which operates in the smartphone market, has now entered the artificial intelligence chatbot market. The Chinese brand says that its artificial intelligence model called AndesGPT is second only to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model in terms of capabilities and encyclopedia.

Oppo has made great progress in the field of artificial intelligence

Oppo’s Xiaobu personal assistant, powered by the AndesGPT model, made it to the September ranking of the SuperCLUE benchmark. AndesGPT is a large generative language model similar to ChatGPT and Google Bard.

The AndesGPT test in early August shows that this model has been used with Oppo’s Xiaobu smart assistant with the aim of replacing traditional voice assistants. AndesGPT achieved a score of 98.33 in the ranking of the basic skills of the SuperCLUE standard and the dictionary test, and after GPT-4, it was ranked second in the list and ranked first among the top Chinese chatbots.

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