What is the main obstacle for Apple to mass produce Vision Pro?

What is the main obstacle for Apple to mass produce Vision Pro?


According to the published news, the lack of manufacturers for the Vision Pro headset screen is one of the reasons why Apple cannot mass produce this device. Currently, the only screen manufacturer required for this headset is Sony, and the company’s annual production of microLED 4K screens does not even reach one million units. Previously, the head of Sony’s semiconductor division expressed reluctance to increase screen production due to low profitability and growth.

The only way that future generations of Vision Pro headsets can increase their market share is if Apple can convince more manufacturers to enter the production chain of required components such as microLED screens. By increasing the number of manufacturers, not only Apple can increase the amount of production of Vision Pro headset, but also can reduce the cost of producing parts.

Currently, the two microLED 4K screens used in this headset, with a total price of about 700 dollars, are the most expensive parts used in Vision Pro and account for about 20% of the total costs of this 3500 dollar headset.

Despite its efforts, it looks like Apple will only have to rely on Sony for its microLED display for the next few years. According to published reports, although LG and Samsung companies have made efforts to produce this screen, but they will join the group of manufacturers with a delay, of course, we can still hope that a Chinese manufacturer named SeeYA will join the group of Apple headset screen manufacturers.

According to these reports, the Chinese company SeeYA has already provided some test samples of its microLED screens to Apple and managed to attract Apple’s attention to some extent. Despite the appeal of Apple, it is not yet certain whether SeeYA will cooperate with Apple, and only time will tell whether the two companies will come to an agreement.

According to the published news, apparently, Apple has reduced the order of parts for its headset to the parts needed for 400 thousand units per year. Despite the relatively high price of $3,500 and the custom system that allows enthusiasts to purchase only by appointment, Apple’s Vision Pro headset will certainly not be a successful first-generation product for Apple in terms of profitability.

Of course, it will take several generations for Apple’s augmented reality headsets to become a profitable product, but with news suggesting that Apple is planning the next generation of the device even before the introduction of the Vision Pro, it seems that Apple is quite confident about the future of this market. and wants to be one of its main actors. Unfortunately, with Sony as the only display manufacturer Apple needs, Apple’s augmented reality headset may be available in limited numbers for the next few years.


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