What is it like to walk on an asteroid?

What is it like to walk on an asteroid?


Naomi explains: “However, you should avoid contact with surface rocks while flying; Because they’ve never been smoothed by water or wind, they’re probably too sharp to tear through a space suit. In addition to this challenge, people’s weight changes by about 10 to 20 percent depending on where they stand on the surface of the asteroid, due to the gravitational forces caused by Didymus, the mother asteroid.

Space exploration is probably startling enough; But astronauts must contend with the dizzying effects of the ever-shifting sky above them. This can be especially important when exploring dimorphism after a dart impact event. According to Patrick, it is likely that Dimorphos was in a death lock with its parent asteroid before the dart struck; But now it probably spins or oscillates faster as it orbits Didymus.

Researchers will revisit Dimorphos in the near future with the European Space Agency’s Hera Dart follow-up mission. The Hera spacecraft, scheduled for launch in October 2024, will send two small shoebox-sized cubesats, named Juventus and Milani, to land on Dimorphos and make further observations of the mini-moon.

When the cubesats land, Juventus uses a gravimeter to make sure it can continue to operate regardless of its orientation. Meanwhile, Milani uses an accelerometer to record the force of his jump as he lands on the surface. This data is then sent to Hera and may one day be useful for human exploration of asteroids in great detail.


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