What is mobile phone insurance and how to insure your phone?

What is mobile phone insurance and how to insure your phone?


The higher the price of the mobile phone, the greater the concern that the device will be damaged due to an incident. Although you are provided with a warranty when you buy it, insurance covers more damage and the duration is up to you.

What is mobile phone insurance?

There are various insurance plans for mobile phones and digital devices such as laptops and tablets that cover the cost of repairing or replacing parts.

Insurance can be more useful than warranty. Mobile warranty generally covers things that are unlikely to happen. But mobile insurance compensates part of your losses for breakage, damage caused by improper use, fire, natural disasters, water loss, power fluctuations, and in cases such as theft.

What companies offer mobile insurance?

Mobile insurance is a part of engineering insurance that companies provide and includes electronic equipment. When choosing, pay attention to the items covered by insurance and their deductible. In all these cases, you can receive a one-time claim in each device insurance period. In some cases, you have to go to insurance branches to get mobile insurance, and in some cases, you can insure your device online.

Your insurance premium is determined based on the price of the device. In the following, we will introduce some companies that provide mobile insurance.

Parsian digital product insurance is intended for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. In this insurance, damages caused by impact and breakage, water erosion, power fluctuations, theft and fire are covered by the insurance. In this insurance, you can insure your device at three levels: gold, silver and VIP. Franchise for silver plan is 30%, gold plan is 25% and VIP plan is 20%. The VIP plan also includes theft, the deductible of which is 40%.

Saman digital product insurance covers the cases of water damage, dampness, power fluctuations, electric induction, impact, failure, fire, explosion, flood and storm and theft by providing a written confirmation from law enforcement and judicial authorities about the theft.

During this period, a percentage of the device repair costs, parts supply and repair center wages will be compensated. The limit of the insurer’s obligation is 50 million tomans or the value of the insured, whichever is lower. In case of minor damage, 20-40% of the cost of replacing parts or repairs, and in case of total damage and theft, 30% of the daily price of the device or the price stated in the insurance policy will be paid. Whichever is less.

Note that Saman insurance has three types: Zisa Max, Zisa Plus and Zisa Pro. Zisa Max covers the price increase of the phone up to 40% and it is possible to replace the damaged phone with a new phone of the same model, but it does not cover minor damage. Zisa Peru covers all types of theft, including robbery, robbery and extortion.

Electronic equipment insurance, teacher’s insurance covers damage such as failure, flood, flooding, sea waves, lightning, physical or chemical explosion, fire, short circuit, dampness and spilling of liquids inside the device, damages during cleaning or repair. When buying this insurance, you can choose one of three types of teacher insurance: gold, silver, and teacher theft insurance. The deductible of silver teacher insurance is 25-35% without full theft coverage, gold is 15-20% with vip services and full theft, and full theft insurance (without amulet failure) is 40%.

Razi digital product insurance also insures mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, game consoles, etc. This insurance compensates part of your losses in cases of breakage due to impact, water loss and liquid infiltration, power voltage fluctuations, natural disasters, fire and theft by breaking the amulet.

The deductible of this insurance is 10% for minor damage, 25% for total damage, and 35% for theft with broken charms and earphones. In the event of an accident, the minimum time for providing services (repair or replacement) or compensation is at least 10 working days.

Entrepreneur’s insurance covers the damages of water damage, dampness, electricity fluctuations, impact, failure, fire, explosion, flood, storm and theft with amulet failure and pays 20% of the product value for minor damages and 40% for total damages and theft.

How to insure your phone?

In order to insure your mobile phone, you can go to the insurance branches that we have explained, taking the mobile phone and its box with you.

You can also insure your device online. The steps to insure online in different insurances are almost the same. As an example, we will explain the steps of one of these insurances, Saman insurance.

First, in the electronic equipment insurance section, enter the required information such as national code, mobile number, date of birth and if you have a discount code. Note that the mobile number must be in the person’s name.

In the next step, the hardware test is done online, and the speaker, microphone, vibration, and touch screen should have good results.

Then enter the device specifications. Enter the IMEI code and also upload a photo of this code.


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